Association of Universities of the Third Age (AU3A) is an association of institutions, which offer educational activities on a higher education level intended for citizens of the Czech Republic in the retirement age.

AU3A was founded in 1993 at the initiative of several volunteers who engaged in education of senior citizens at their alma mater and subsequently observed this issue at European and world level. Education of senior citizens is one of prestigious tasks of modern universities and developed countries and universities are well-aware of that. That is why AU3A has two main tasks: to ensure the flow of information among its members and to manage the international contacts of AU3A with leading European organisations. This applies especially to AIUTA (Association Internationale Des Universites Du Troisieme Age / International Association of Universities of the Third Age), EFOS (European Federation of Older Students) and European information networks for U3A managed by Ulm University. We are very grateful to all who contributed to AU3A having good contacts with international partners and to being able to provide an information service to more than 40 of our members.